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Axel Rudi Pell - "Masquerade Ball"

Я уже как-то бросала концертную запись этой песни, а тут надыбала другую и тоже качественную.
Мое тащиЦЦа. :)
Надоть весь альбом перезалить/переслушать.

The Masquerade Ball

See the sun over the rainbow
And the rain comes falling down
Holy nights
The spirit of the temple
The appeared to take the crown
Evil shadows
Were passing through the air
No one knows if he is there

The bell strikes midnight
And the mist begins to rise
The master's calling your name
Soul to soul
The last light of eternity
Lost fools for the game
Winged assasin
With power and his grace
The evil force
Arisen from the grave

It's the masquerade ball
See the wizards fly
There is no tomorrow
On the other side
The masquerade ball
Climb up to the stars
Through the winds of wonder
Evil's in despair
The masquerade ball

Dark shadows on the moon
The sun had turned to black
Evil eyes are ready to attack
Dust to dust, the mist was fading
The earls have just arrived
Who ever knows who will survive

Get away
From the demon dance
And lock all the doors
No place for the holy
This midnight romance
No prayers on the floor

On and on they sailed away
With fire in their eyes
The burning heat began to rise
Eye to eye with broken chains
They left the house of black (black black)
Escaping from final attack
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